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Custom or pre-engineered, the idea is to make sure that each and every Ensign product is performance matched to your exact specifications.

Rest assured, nothing is left to chance. Custom designs are first sent to the prototype laboratory and are thoroughly evaluated and tested for performance, and then submitted for your approval. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied.

About Ensign

As the Flagship of Custom magnetics, Ensign has come a long way since 1939.

We have forged a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of electrical transformers, inductors and adapters for an ever-broadening array of industrial and commercial applications. Today, Ensign is a customer driven, ISO 9001-2015- registered organization that offers OEMs low-volume and high-volume production from domestic and offshore facilities. Both facilities answer to exactly the same quality standards, meet all applicable safety agency requirements, and share a common commitment to continuous improvement.

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