Medical / Dental

Ensign excels in designing and manufacturing Transformers with quality achieved by Standards and Certified Processes to meet demand over a wide range of Industrial applications.

Listed below are few Industries where Ensign's products find themselves useful and applied in small, medium and high production runs.

  • Medical / Dental

Medical and dental equipment manufacturer’s need specialized power transformers that meet national and international safety standards. With 50 of the largest companies holding 60% of the market share; Ensign understands that each application is specialized. We have worked with many of the large, mid and small tier manufacturers to develop power transformers that are flame retardant and efficient to meet various applications. We work with engineers to develop products that meet standards of their target markets along with considering supply chain ramifications; such as cost containment and high degree of technological obsolescence.

Ensign does have an ISO9001 Registered facility which specializes and serves our medical/dental clients. Some sample applications include:
      •      X Ray Apparatus
      •      Electro Medical / Therapeutic Apparatus
      •      Sterilizing Equipment
      •      Laboratory Analytical and Test Equipment
      •      Radioactivity Instruments
      •      Dental Equipments
      •      Irradiation Apparatus like Beta Ray; CT/CAT Scanners, Gamma Ray Irradiations
      •      Optometric Devices
      •      Laser Instruments
      •      Air & water Purification Systems
      •      Physicians & Surgeons Instruments
      •      Defibrillators
      •      Patient Monitor Instruments
      •      Ultrasonic Devices
      •      Medical Grade Linear Power Supplies
      •      Data Processing Isolation
      •      And Many more
Ensign transformers can be designed in line with IEEE and RoHS directives and can comply with Medical EN 60601 standards. Custom solutions are on target and on budget.

Ensign invests in our information technology systems. We repeatedly deliver lower transactional costs via electronic data interchange (EDI) , leveraging customer online ordering portals, utilizing technology to share design requirements along with sharing forecasting and planning information to provide risk-free, proactive service to this seasonal industry.


  • Standard items are UL/cUL and some CE listed
  • Flexible supply chain to meet your short, mid and long term requirements.
  • Available with single, dual and multiple inputs and outputs.
  • Winding process which reduces leakage inductance
  • Various mounting styles and terminations available
  • Low profile designs available when height is a limitation.
  • Value added options available
  • Custom designed solution to address particular needs
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