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Technical articles provide key information to assist and gather knowledge on products of use. The articles listed below are sure to be a wealth of knowledge and help in making a decision on the products.

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    • Why Parallel Resistance is Less than Series Resist, Posted on Oct. 02 2008

      If we select 2 distinct points in an electrical circuit, one will undoubtedly have a higher charge (concentration of electrons) than the other. This difference in charge is typically defined as "potential", or "voltage". Much as a liquid in an open container tends toward level, the electrical charges tend to even themselves. This "leveling" of charge takes places by electrons flowing from the point of higher concentration to the point of lower concentration. This flow of electronics is called "current".
      If the path connecting the 2 points is a perfect conductor, the equilibrium of charge happens instantaneously. Anything along the path that limits the electron flow is said to provide "resistance".

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