Corporate Profile

flag-shipAs the Flagship of Custom magnetics, Ensign has come a long way since 1939. We have forged a reputation as a world-class manufacturer of electrical transformers, inductors and adapters for an ever-broadening array of industrial and commercial applications. Today, Ensign is a customer driven, ISO 9001:2015 registered organization that offers OEMs low-volume and high-volume production from domestic and offshore facilities. Both facilities answer to exactly the same quality standards, meet all applicable safety agency requirements, and share a common commitment to continuous improvement.

Ensign’s vast experience ranges from powering control systems on U.S. naval destroyers to recharging handheld flashlights. Whether your application is incredibly complex or surprisingly simple, count on Ensign to provide quality products to your precise specifications at the most economical cost possible. Time and time again our engineers have zeroed in on cost-effective solutions, and proven that the best ideas don’t come off the shelf –they come from imaginative thinking.

Custom Engineering

custom-engineeringCustom engineering: at the helm of the Ensign success story. In some cases, designing for your specific applications begins with a search of our extensive selection of pre-engineered transformers and adapters. In other instances, it calls for incorporating the latest break-throughs in magnetic technology, whether laminated cores, ferrites, powdered metals, or tape wound cores. Custom or pre-engineered, the idea is to make sure that each and every Ensign product is performance matched to your exact specifications.

custom-engineering-2 Rest assured, nothing is left to chance. Custom designs are first sent to the prototype laboratory and are thoroughly evaluated and tested for performance, and then submitted for your approval. We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. Through concurrent engineering, all phases of the process -- design, production and quality assurance -- come together to ensure the highest standards of product integrity, extended service life and cost economy. The goal is nothing less than routinely exceeding customer expectations.

Safety Approvals

Ensign Engineers can design to meet domestic and international safety agency standards. Further, built into the agency approvals of our extensive fleet of pre-engineered transformers and adapters is an impressive list of customizing options. No need to “make do with a me too”.safety-approvals


For cellular manufacturing with vision, come to Bellevue, Iowa. Ensign’s up-to-date CNC production and inspection systems have dramatically raised the bar for product consistency, while substantially enhancing our ability to “flex” with customers’ ever-changing production schedules. While new technology clearly defines Ensign’s stance on process improvement, we also recognize that some things are simply too good to change. That’s why we’re one of the few manufacturers that continues to vacuum impregnate transformers to assure years of reliable operation and added protection against environmental conditions.

Ensign’s offshore production capabilities provide manufacturers with a quality solution for minimizing costs for higher volumes. Listed as an approved manufacturer by UL, CSA, TUV and VDE, the production facility on mainland China operates under the same quality process umbrella as the Bellevue, Iowa plant. Though the Iowa and China operations are separated by thousands of miles, they couldn’t be closer when it comes to achieving consistent quality performance.



Corporate Mission/Vision and Guiding Values

To be the highest quality and most cost effective supplier to our customers

Achieved through:
  • Technical and Innovative Solutions
  • World Class Manufacturing
  • Customer Focus
    • Respectful Communication
    • Ease of doing Business
Guided by:
  • Excellence in Quality
    • Compliance to Requirements
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Personal Pride in our Work
  • Highest Degree of Ethics
    • Passion for our Partners’ Mutual Success
    • Willing to take on Big Challenges and deliver Results
    • Social, Environmental Responsibility
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