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International Transformer Primary 277- Series: SPHV1000/ SPHV 1100 / SPHV 1200 / SPHV 1300

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Energy Efficient Transformers

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Product Features

  • Rating: 2.5VA to 20VA
  • Single 277V input, dual (series/parallel) outputs,
  • US, Canada, and International-capable construction with shrouded Primary.
  • Flame-retardant bobbin/shroud (UL 94 V0).
  • 100% tested for PRI-SEC hi-pot at 4000VAC.
  • Side-by-side inputs and outputs (no electrostatic shield required).
  • Coated to resist dust and moisture.
Agency Approvals

  • UL 1446 Class B (130oC) Insulation System, File E95662


    Fusing these transformers to comply with safety agency requirements in the end product(s) is the responsibility of the customer.
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
  • California Prop 65 warning: These products may contain chemicals known to the State of Califronia to cause cancer, and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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2.5SPHV-277-1000277V5V @ 0.500A10VCT @ 0.250AData SheetCheck Price
2.5SPHV-277-1001277V6.3V @ 0.400A12.6VCT @ 0.200AData SheetCheck Price
2.5SPHV-277-1002277V8V @ 0.300A16VCT @ 0.150AData SheetCheck Price
2.5SPHV-277-1003277V10V @ 0.240A20VCT @ 0.120AData SheetCheck Price
2.5SPHV-277-1004277V12V @ 0.200A24VCT @ 0.100AData SheetCheck Price
2.5SPHV-277-1005277V14V @ 0.180A28VCT @ 0.090AData SheetCheck Price
2.5SPHV-277-1006277V18V @ 0.140A36VCT @ 0.070AData SheetCheck Price
2.5SPHV-277-1007277V24V @ 0.104A48VCT @ 0.052AData SheetCheck Price
2.5SPHV-277-1008277V28V @ 0.090A56VCT @ 0.045AData SheetCheck Price
2.5SPHV-277-1009277V60V @ 0.042A120VAC @ 0.021AData SheetCheck Price
5.0SPHV-277-1100277V5V @ 1.000A10VCT @ 0.500AData SheetCheck Price
5.0SPHV-277-1101277V6.3V @ 0.800A12.6VCT @ 0.400AData SheetCheck Price
5.0SPHV-277-1102277V8V @ 0.620A16VCT @ 0.310AData SheetCheck Price
5.0SPHV-277-1103277V10V @ 0.500A20VCT @ 0.250AData SheetCheck Price
5.0SPHV-277-1104277V12V @ 0.420A24VCT @ 0.210AData SheetCheck Price
5.0SPHV-277-1105277V14V @ 0.360A28VCT @ 0.180AData SheetCheck Price
5.0SPHV-277-1106277V18V @ 0.280A36VCT @ 0.140AData SheetCheck Price
5.0SPHV-277-1107277V24V @ 0.210A48VCT @ 0.105AData SheetCheck Price
5.0SPHV-277-1108277V28V @ 0.180A56VCT @ 0.090AData SheetCheck Price
5.0SPHV-277-1109277V60V @ 0.084A120VAC @ 0.042AData SheetCheck Price
10.0SPHV-277-1200277V5V @ 2.000A10VCT @ 1.000AData SheetCheck Price
10.0SPHV-277-1201277V6.3V @ 1.600A12.6VCT @ 0.800AData SheetCheck Price
10.0SPHV-277-1202277V8V @ 1.250A16VCT @ 0.625AData SheetCheck Price
10.0SPHV-277-1203277V10V @ 1.000A20VCT @ 0.500AData SheetCheck Price
10.0SPHV-277-1204277V12V @ 0.840A24VCT @ 0.420AData SheetCheck Price
10.0SPHV-277-1205277V14V @ 0.720A28VCT @ 0.360AData SheetCheck Price
10.0SPHV-277-1206277V18V @ 0.560A36VCT @ 0.280AData SheetCheck Price
10.0SPHV-277-1207277V24V @ 0.420A48VCT @ 0.210AData SheetCheck Price
10.0SPHV-277-1208277V28V @ 0.360A56VCT @ 0.180AData SheetCheck Price
10.0SPHV-277-1209277V60V @ 0.168A120VAC @ 0.084AData SheetCheck Price
20.0SPHV-277-1300277V5V @ 4.000A10VCT @ 2.000AData SheetCheck Price
20.0SPHV-277-1301277V6.3V @ 3.200A12.6VCT @ 1.600AData SheetCheck Price
20.0SPHV-277-1302277V8V @ 2.500A16VCT @ 1.250AData SheetCheck Price
20.0SPHV-277-1303277V10V @ 2.000A20VCT @ 1.000AData SheetCheck Price
20.0SPHV-277-1304277V12V @ 1.660A24VCT @ 0.830AData SheetCheck Price
20.0SPHV-277-1305277V14V @ 1.440A28VCT @ 0.720AData SheetCheck Price
20.0SPHV-277-1306277V18V @ 1.120A36VCT @ 0.560AData SheetCheck Price
20.0SPHV-277-1307277V24V @ 0.840A48VCT @ 0.420AData SheetCheck Price
20.0SPHV-277-1308277V28V @ 0.710A56VCT @ 0.355AData SheetCheck Price
20.0SPHV-277-1309277V60V @ 0.340A120VAC @ 0.170AData SheetCheck Price
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