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Navigator Class-Printed Circuit Mount Low Profile

Low profile transformers, also known as flat transformers, with non-concentric windings on split bobbins provide high isolation. Semi-toroidal construction reduces the radiated magnetic field and humming. The low profile, or flat transformers, are ideal for height critical applications. Standard mounting is using printed circuit boards (PCB). Ensign provides various input and output voltage configurations. This includes low voltage models that can accommodate 12 or 24 volt inputs. Standard input is 115/230 volts. Custom transformer configurations are available upon request.

Printed Circuit Mount Low Profile

Energy Efficient Transformers

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Product Features
  • High Efficiency
  • Flame Retardant, UL 94V0 Rating
  • 2.5VA to 48VA Power Rating
  • Series or Parallel Primary, 115/230V (Optional 120/240V)
  • 50/60Hz (Economy 60Hz-only Models Available)
  • Series / Parallel Secondary
  • Any Secondary Voltage from 5V to 240V in 1V Increments
  • Insulation Material 130°C Standard (Optional 200°C)
  • Optional Internal Current or Thermal Protector
  • High Isolation, 2500 Vrms, 100% Tested
Agency Approvals
  • UL/cUL 5085-2 Recognized (File E47299)
  • UL 1446 Recognized Insulation System (File E95662)
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SelectVA RatingPart NoPrimarySeries SecondaryParallel SecondaryData Sheet 
2.5VAU002-2-010115/230V10VCT @ 250mA5V @ 500mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-012115/230V12.6VCT @ 200mA6.3V @ 400mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-016115/230V16VCT @ 150mA8V @ 300mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-020115/230V20VCT @ 125mA10V @ 250mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-024115/230V24VCT @ 100mA12V @ 200mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-030115/230V30VCT @ 85mA15V @ 170mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-034115/230V34VCT @ 75mA17V @ 150mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-040115/230V40VCT @ 60mA20V @ 120mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-056115/230V56VCT @ 45mA28V @ 90mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-088115/230V88VCT @ 28mA44V @ 56mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-120115/230V120VCT @ 20mA60V @ 40mAData SheetCheck Price
2.5VAU002-2-230115/230V230VCT @ 10mA115V @ 20mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-010115/230V10VCT @ 600mA5V @ 1.2AData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-012115/230V12.6VCT @ 450mA6.3V @ 900mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-016115/230V16VCT @ 350mA8V @ 700mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-020115/230V20VCT @ 300mA10V @ 600mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-024115/230V24VCT @ 250mA12V @ 500mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-030115/230V30VCT @ 200mA15V @ 400mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-034115/230V34VCT @ 170mA17V @ 340mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-040115/230V40VCT @ 150mA20V @ 300mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-056115/230V56VCT @ 100mA28V @ 200mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-088115/230V88VCT @ 65mA44V @ 130mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-120115/230V120VCT @ 50mA60V @ 100mAData SheetCheck Price
6VAU006-2-230115/230V230VCT @ 25mA115V @ 50mAData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-010115/230V10VCT @ 1.2A5V @ 2.4AData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-012115/230V12.6VCT @ 900mA6.3V @ 1.8AData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-016115/230V16VCT @ 700mA8V @ 1.4AData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-020115/230V20VCT @ 600mA10V @ 1.2AData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-024115/230V24VCT @ 500mA12V @ 1.0AData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-030115/230V30VCT @ 400mA15V @ 800mAData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-034115/230V34VCT @ 340mA17V @ 680mAData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-040115/230V40VCT @ 300mA20V @ 600mAData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-056115/230V56VCT @ 200mA28V @ 400mAData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-088115/230V88VCT @ 130mA44V @ 260mAData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-120115/230V120VCT @ 100mA60V @ 200mAData SheetCheck Price
12VAU012-2-230115/230V230VCT @ 50mA115V @ 100mAData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-010115/230V10VCT @ 2.4A5V @ 4.8AData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-012115/230V12.6VCT @ 1.90A6.3V @ 3.8AData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-016115/230V16VCT @ 1.5A8V @ 3.0AData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-020115/230V20VCT @ 1.20A10V @ 2.4AData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-024115/230V24VCT @ 1.0A12V @ 2.0AData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-030115/230V30VCT @ 800mA15V @ 1.6AData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-034115/230V34VCT @ 700mA17V @ 1.4AData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-040115/230V40VCT @ 600mA20V @ 1.2AData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-056115/230V56VCT @ 425mA28V @ 850mAData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-088115/230V88VCT @ 275mA44V @ 550mAData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-120115/230V120VCT @ 200mA60V @ 400mAData SheetCheck Price
24VAU024-2-230115/230V230VCT @ 100mA115V @ 200mAData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-010115/230V10VCT @ 4.8A5V @ 9.6AData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-012115/230V12.6VCT @ 3.8A6.3V @ 7.6AData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-016115/230V16VCT @ 3.0A8V @ 6.0AData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-020115/230V20VCT @ 2.4A10V @ 4.8AData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-024115/230V24VCT @ 2.0A12V @ 4.0AData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-030115/230V30VCT @ 1.6A15V @ 3.2AData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-034115/230V34VCT @ 1.4A17V @ 2.8AData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-040115/230V40VCT @ 1.2A20V @ 2.4AData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-056115/230V56VCT @ 850mA28V @ 1.7AData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-088115/230V88VCT @ 550mA44V @ 1.1AData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-120115/230V120VCT @ 400mA60V @ 800mAData SheetCheck Price
48VAU048-2-230115/230V230VCT @ 200mA115V @ 400mAData SheetCheck Price
Mechanical Drawings
SizeVASecondary VoltageLWHABCDEMCWCPins
U0022.5VAParallel 5-60V Series 10-240V1.881.130.65-1.561.600.38 0.38--0.041X0.02
U0066VAParallel 5-60V Series 10-240V1.881.130.81-1.561.600.38 0.38--0.041X0.02
U01212VAParallel 5-60V Series 10-240V2.501.501.06-
U02424VAParallel 5-60V Series 10-240V2.811.691.250.1562.251.900.600.531.312.440.041 Sq.
U04848VAParallel 5-60V Series 10-240V3.131.881.380.1252.502.18 0.600.661.382.630.041 Sq.

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