Ensign excels in designing and manufacturing Transformers with quality ascertained by standards and certified processes. Ensign's just in time delivery improves inventory holding cost and cycle time for Industries. The scalability, economical costing and innovative design methodologies to meet changing demands make Ensign a trusted brand proven for decades with clients.

Our clients have their say:

"We have received our approval paperwork on the transformer from UL. Thank you for all your assistance with the project. You and your company have been an asset for us and its appreciated". Medical Equipment Manufacturer

"Thank you for helping accommodate our rush orders....please tell everyone 'Good Work". Electric Supply Company

"The management team is very active and has effective continuous improvement programs in place....the company has transitioned to cellular manufacturing and use of lean concepts...continuous improvement projects are driven by team leads and employees...employees and knowledgeable and experience; they understand our requirements...good controls and approval processes in place, good employee training, low turnover and engaged employees". Supplier Audit Comments for a Major Healthcare Provide

"Service provided by the team to help us complete and submitted our UL files was very helpful. The customer service team is very communicative regarding order status, ship dates and follow up. Great supplier with solid products".
Dental Device Manufacturer

"We appreciate your efforts as well as those of your production team in getting us sensors we so sorely need.  We had a downturn in orders then a quick revival at a time when we were trying to adjust inventory for the end of the year. Unfortunately we got caught short.  We feel fortunate to have Ensign as one of our suppliers. The quality of the sensors is excellent, we find your team to be very cooperative, and we look forward to a long relationship.  Thanks for your help".  Electric Supply Company

"When we were approached with the idea of out-sourcing our transformer production to Ensign, we were extremely hesitant.   However, the reality of the situation was that internally, transformer winding had become our biggest bottle-neck.  Large orders would be held-up as we struggled to handle rushes.   Quality was decent, not exemplary.  Ensign worked with us for almost a full-year, patiently waiting for our transformers to reverse engineer and then quoting and producing prototypes.  We have been using Ensign now as our large transformer supplier since early 2011 and strongly recommend them.   Their quality has been first rate, their pricing competitive and they have stayed true to all the business arrangements promised early on.  They are one of our most reliable suppliers of any parts".   Electric Supply Company.


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