Power-Volt GSA Transformers and Power Supplies

Power-Volt, Inc. Awarded the General Services Administration (GSA) Contract


Addison IL, November 15, 2019: It is with great pleasure to announce that Power-Volt, Inc., on 09/24/2019 was awarded the GSA MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) contract for linear DC power supplies and power, auto, control, isolation and class 2 transformers.


The details relating to the awarded contract are as follows:


·        GSA Contract #: 47QSWA19D00AY

·        GSA Schedule: 056

·        DUNS: 184760510

·        CAGE Code: 4SMM8

·        SIN #: 412 14 (for Power Supplies); Basis NAICS Code: 335999

·        SIN #: 412 19 (for Transformers); Basis NAICS Code: 335311


Power-Volt, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of commercial, industrial transformers and open frame linear dc power supplies. With over 180 years of magnetic component engineering, value-added engineering and manufacturing experience, we are proud to offer more than 10,000 different varieties of transformers and power supplies. High Frequency Power transformers up to 800VA (up to 300 kHz), magnetic power transformers up to 30kVA (50-400 Hz), Ferro-resonant transformers up to 40kVA (400 Hz), Class 2 transformers up to 100VA (50-400 Hz), Encapsulated transformers up to 75VA (50/60 Hz); and power supplies which include Stepping and servo motor power supplier, linear regulated and unregulated DC power supplies, power range 8VA – 650VA (50–400 Hz).


With a highly equipped testing lab for facilitating product safety and quality in compliance to ISO 9001:2015 standards, we possess in-house machine shop, cellular manufacturing layout for Just-in-Time manufacturing, wire harness assembly unit, 2D and 3D CAD facility to foster value-added engineering, rapid prototyping, and product customization. Our labs are fully equipped to verify meeting specs.


We are capable of winding coils using single and multifilar (litz wire and copper foil), and assembling all core shapes and types including steel laminated air, EI, EE, EF, EFD, EP, ETD, Pot core, PQ, RM Rod, R, UU, and UI along with maintaining the required geometric tolerances.

For further queries, please contact your local sales representative, email us at sales@powervolt.com or call us at (+1) 630-628-9999.

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