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International Transformer Quick Connect Chassis Mount (25VA to 130VA) - Series: SPWC1400/SPWC1500/SPWC/1600/SPWC1700
SPWC-1400 Series: 25 VA International Chassis Mount Power transformers with dual 115/230V primaries and dual secondaries. These transformers are designed to provide the high isolation, creepage and clearance distances necessary to comply with international safety standards.

International Chassis Mount

Energy Efficient Transformers

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Product Features

  • Rating: 25VA to 130VA
  • Dual 115/230V inputs, dual (series/parallel) outputs,
  • US/Canada/International-capable.
  • Flame-retardant bobbin/shroud (UL 94 V0).
  • 100% tested for PRI-SEC hi-pot at 4000VAC.
  • Side-by-side inputs and outputs (no electrostatic shield required).
  • Coated to resist dust and moisture.
Agency Approvals

  • UL/cUL 5085-2 and/or -3, 60601-1, 62638 and EN/IEC 61558 compliant construction.


    Fusing these models to comply with safety agency requirements in the end product(s) is the responsibility of the customer.
  • UL 1446 Class B (130oC) Insulation System (E95662).
  • RoHS and REACH Compliant
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SelectVA RatingPart NoPrimaryParallel SecondarySeries SecondaryData Sheet 
25SPWC-1400115/230V5V @ 5.0A10Vct @ 2.50AData SheetCheck Price
25SPWC-1401115/230V6.3V @ 4.0A12.6Vct @ 2.0AData SheetCheck Price
25SPWC-1402115/230V8V @ 3.20A8V @ 3.20AData SheetCheck Price
25SPWC-1403115/230V10V @ 2.50A20Vct @ 1.25AData SheetCheck Price
25SPWC-1404115/230V12V @ 2.08A24Vct @ 1.04AData SheetCheck Price
25SPWC-1405115/230V14V @ 1.80A28Vct @ 900mAData SheetCheck Price
25SPWC-1406115/230V18V @ 1.40A36Vct @ 700mAData SheetCheck Price
25SPWC-1407115/230V115V @ 220mA230Vct @ 110mAData SheetCheck Price
43SPWC-1500115/230V5V @ 8.6A10Vct @ 4.3AData SheetCheck Price
43SPWC-1501115/230V6.3V @ 6.8A12.6Vct @ 3.4AData SheetCheck Price
43SPWC-1502115/230V8V @ 5.4A16Vct @ 2.7AData SheetCheck Price
43SPWC-1503115/230V10V @ 4.4A20Vct @ 2.2AData SheetCheck Price
43SPWC-1504115/230V12V @ 3.6A24Vct @ 1.8AData SheetCheck Price
43SPWC-1505115/230V14V @ 3.0A28Vct @ 1.5AData SheetCheck Price
43SPWC-1506115/230V18V @ 2.4A36Vct @ 1.2AData SheetCheck Price
43SPWC-1507115/230V115V @ 380mA230Vct @ 190mAData SheetCheck Price
80SPWC-1600115/230V5V @ 16.0A10Vct @ 8.0AData SheetCheck Price
80SPWC-1601115/230V6.3V @ 12.6A12.6Vct @ 6.3AData SheetCheck Price
80SPWC-1602115/230V8V @ 10.0A16Vct @ 5.0AData SheetCheck Price
80SPWC-1603115/230V10V @ 8.0A20Vct @ 4.0AData SheetCheck Price
80SPWC-1604115/230V12V @ 6.6A24Vct @ 3.3AData SheetCheck Price
80SPWC-1605115/230V14V @ 5.6A28Vct @ 2.8AData SheetCheck Price
80SPWC-1606115/230V18V @ 4.4A36Vct @ 2.2AData SheetCheck Price
80SPWC-1607115/230V115V @ 700mA230Vct @ 350mAData SheetCheck Price
130SPWC-1700115/230V5V @ 26.0A10Vct @ 13.0AData SheetCheck Price
130SPWC-1701115/230V6.3V @ 20.6A12.6Vct @ 10.3AData SheetCheck Price
130SPWC-1702115/230V8V @ 16.2A16Vct @ 8.1AData SheetCheck Price
130SPWC-1703115/230V10V @ 13.0A20Vct @ 6.5AData SheetCheck Price
130SPWC-1704115/230V12V @ 10.8A24Vct @ 5.4AData SheetCheck Price
130SPWC-1705115/230V14V @ 9.2A28Vct @ 4.6AData SheetCheck Price
130SPWC-1706115/230V18V @ 7.2A36Vct @ 3.6AData SheetCheck Price
130SPWC-1707115/230V115V @ 1.14A230Vct @ 570mAData SheetCheck Price
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